Dr.med.univ. Moritz Guntau
Dr. Guntau was born in Hamburg. He graduated from Medical University of Vienna. He wrote his diploma thesis (title: “Lymphatic Malformations: An Experimental Study of Neovascularization in Human Tissue“) during his research fellowship at Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School (2011)
Medical work experience in different departments led him to Tokyo, Berlin, Cincinnati, Hamburg, Leipzig and Vienna.
medical focuses of interest radiology interventional radiology pediatric radiology vascular anomalies
Dr. Guntau gave talks und poster presentations about Lymphatic Malformations e.g. at the “International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies“ in Brussels (2010) and Malmo (2012), as well as at the “Vascular Birthmark Foundation“ in New York (2010 und 2012)